Providing High Quality Consulting Services for

Digital Design Engineering in Oregon and Washington

I have worked in the chip design industry since graduating with a Bachelor's degree in Physics. My experience includes custom silicon integrated circuits, ASICs and FPGAs, with contracts in both Oregon and Washington. I have designed to many industry standard interfaces, such as PCI, PCI express, and memory interfaces (including DDR SDRAMs). Design work has included memories, microprocessors, video processing ASICs and validation devices. Responsibilities have included architecture, microarchitecture, RTL and HDL coding, synthesis, testbenches, validation and hardware debug, using industry standard tools and components from Synplify (Synplicity), Mentor Graphics (Modelsim), Synopsys (Design Compiler), Xilinx (Virtex FPGAs, ISE and Vivado tools) and Altera. I work easily in small or large environments, with little or lots of guidance. References from all of my employers and contracts are available.

- Russell Randolph